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A well rounded Creative Director needs to have the ability to develop ideas with their team, outside agencies, dive in to create themselves, and be constantly learning new skills. Knowing what tools to use, what teams to bring in, when to use them, and when to mentor. Over the past 15 years, I’ve been lucky enough to sharpen these skills, and lead creative utilizing them with each project, client, and position.

Positive and collaborative leadership is key for any design endeavor — from launching a successful campaign, new brand, website, or social strategy.

Harnessing this energy during its early stages helps shape the creative. Have it be a brainstorming session, an in-person client kick-off, or a blank canvas. I strive to capture that initial spark, and then lead my team to fulfill directives, create with an open mind, and encourage collaboration to exceed expectations.

Management & Direction

Directed teams of 20+ designers, account directors, freelancers, and project stakeholders. Managed more than 15 projects simultaneously while upholding the highest standards for design and execution.

IDEATION & Presentation

Led creative and tone for a multitude of international projects, along with client-facing presentations, meetings, and pitches.


Sparking a conversation with impact benefits with knowledge of the demographic—in addition to the ability to evoke emotion through concise tone, storytelling, and copy.

To set the design quality and expectations for a creative team, one must be proficient in the industry standard tools.  

Setting design standards, from static to motion, helps create a consistent quality and set expectations for my team, projects, and clients.

“Know how the house is built, before you decorate it”. 

As one of my former colleagues put it, it’s imperative to know the parameters and limitations in the ever-changing development landscape.  Before putting pen to paper for a development task, I draw on UI/UX and coding experience to realistically shape creative. Ensuring a harmonious balance between dev and design is paramount before development; whether by me, my team or collaborations with outside developers. 

Reaching an organic audience by creating impactful campaigns is a constant (and exciting) creative evolution.

Long gone are the days where a simple tweet or well-designed graphic could garner social buzz. Audiences have become savvy, platforms have flourished, and only true impactful “out-of-the-box” creative can capture attention. 

Global Campaign Reach

Develop and oversee creative for multiple campaigns, initiatives, and brand extensions that has reached over 1B organic views

Reporting & Analytics

Utilize real-time data to inspire future creative by analyzing trends and what resonates with the audience

Maximize Each Platform

Social channels lend unique opportunities to create impactful design, leveraging that platform's traits—from FB, IG, TikTok, Twitter, and everything in between

In order to effectively see how any creative performs, you have to read between the lines and manage accordingly.

By utilizing available data for projects, creative can be shaped and evolve to more effectively reach and exceed goals.  Performance reports, Google Analytics, and other available insights can help analyze current successes, identify potential improvements, and dictate future creative by using data-inspired information.

Most importantly, being able to disseminate appropriate feedback and results to my teams helps drive successful creative. 

Multidisciplinary team management

Directed and overseen multiple teams of projects, designers, account managers, and strategy simultaneously


Nestled in the most western part of Virginia, my small hometown where I grew up helped foster my appreciation for the arts and storytelling.

I was lucky enough to not only be surrounded by a beautiful picturesque backdrop, but my mother was a crafter, and my father a painter.

Discovering how influential design and the arts could be in life, I knew I wanted to create. I was lucky enough to hone my skills at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia. There I discovered my passion for advertising, graphic design — ultimately taking ideas from concepts to completion.

I hope my selected works give you a brief look into my expertise not only as a skilled Creative Director, but also as a designer who can cultivate good talent, foster a great atmosphere, and produce impactful work for amazing clients and brands.