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In the Summer of 2014, we had a novel idea: create a different advertising agency.  One that valued client relationships over profit, experiences over bottom lines. Three years later, countless hours of passion, and dozens of internationally recognized client work, we achieved what we set out to do.

Executive Creative Director Partner
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About Soda & Lime

Partnering with the two additional creative and marketing minds, Soda & Lime is a refreshing agency in the advertising landscape. 

The creative team, along with forward-thinking designs and strategies, helped secure lasting client relationships that spanned a colorful array of clients, including AEG, The Africa Channel, B. Draddy Clothing, Blumhouse, FOX Sports West, FOX Television, Koral, LA Kings, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, OK! Magazine, Red Bull, and Time, Inc.

As the Executive Creative Director for the inception of Soda & Lime, I am beyond proud of the work we achieved, and more so of the team and environment that continues to flourish today.


Lead Creative

Executive Creative Director for all work that ran through the agency

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Fostered Creatives

Helped create and cultivate creative work environment

Client Management

Handled production for 20+ clients, hundreds of individual projects and deliveries

Artboard 508

Client Relationships

Helped foster lasting relationships with clients to achieve their goals


Assisted in securing new business opportunities through creative pitches and presentations

Highlighted Work

Needing a fresh perspective on their brand, the LA Kings partnered with Soda & Lime. As Executive Creative Director, we successfully made every goal—from the simplest task as refining their brand style guide to creating complex and impactful season campaigns. Together we were able to elevate the visibility of one of the most successful NHL teams in the league. Go Kings Go!

As The Africa Channel’s Lead Creative Director at Soda & Lime, we launched multiple brand initiatives, including refining their channel strategy, and help reposition the network for a new generation.

A redesign of select Travel+Leisure website, and consumer facing cornerstones were implemented using responsive design and forward thinking expansion.  Through an intense 100-day timeline, I oversaw the design, migration, and development of these brand refreshes. 

  • 100-day window to redesign, migrate data, develop and launch both Travel+Leisure website sections and email marketing 

  • Developed user behavior models that increased time on site and average user page views with redesign

FOX Television wanted to polish their online presence for one of their most popular syndicated shows, Divorce Court and LaughsTV. In addition, a new franchise was designed and developed for FOX Sports West — Xtra Point.

FOX Sports West / Xtra Point

Divorce Court & Laughs TV

Partnering with Redbull North America allowed for multiple opportunities to educate new athletes, drive home brand recognition, and create story-driven brand-centric projects.

As the leader in horror and independent filmmaking, Blumhouse and its multi-platform release sister BH Tilt have delivered award-winning titles for years. Partnered with Soda & Lime — and as the Creative Director lead — BH Tilt successfully launched multiple theatrical releases with on-point design, insight, and guidance.

As one of the most recognized and popular MLB teams, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim’s social media content benefited from a cohesive look-and-feel. I was able to bring unity across their creative by developing easy-to-use templates for their in-hosue creative team and help further their design directives across multiple platforms.

Behind The Agency

Launching a new advertising agency in the already crowded market proved challenging and rewarding. Being nimble, precise, and calculated were needed to continue delivering exceptional creative, while vigorously landing new projects and opportunities. 

The Challenge
Maintain the highest creative standards for production for growing clients and projects (average annual requests of 3,000 creative tasks), while allowing creative freedom and structure.

The Plan
Taking into account the number of creative requests and transparency needed, I put in place a system of checks-and-balances that drew upon account managers, clients, and the creative team to openly communicate and provide near-instantaneous feedback. Creating a central hub (“Ticketing” via Codebase) that gave access to all notes, feedback, scheduling, and files.

The Results
Production time from conception to delivery was streamlined throughout the company. With in-house tracking, completion time averaged 3 days from 5 turnaround, and rounds of revisions were cut from 6 to 2 on average. 

My creative team was given a bird’s eye view of all projects and timelines, and Account Directors were able to better view their client’s project status, flag any potential roadblocks, and ultimately set realistic expectations for clients and internal teams.

Average Responsibility Breakdown


Managed, streamlined, and help design over 3,000 annual creative tasks while requiring highest standards from my team

Creative Lead

Set standards for my team of in-house designers, outside freelancers, and ancillary agencies


Projected, pitched, maintained financial and time budgets spanning theatrical media buys, to development costs