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Blumhouse Productions

As the leader in horror and independent filmmaking, Blumhouse and its multi-platform release sister BH Tilt have delivered award-winning titles for years. 

Creative Director
Social Media Marketing Social Activations

About the Creative

Partnered with Soda & Lime as their Agency of Record — and as the Creative Director lead — Blumhouse successfully launched multiple theatrical releases with social-media design, insight, and guidance.

By developing unique and thought-provoking social media campaigns, we were able to deliver on-brand creative to support each film’s release, garner buzz for their debuts, and deliver end-of-campaign updates and insight.

The Challenge
Optimize discoverability, virility, and engagement to reach a global audience for theatrical releases and drive social conversation, ticket sales, VOD purchases.

The Plan
After identifying high-interest demographics for each specific title, every theatrical release presented opportunities to craft additional storylines to support, entice users to interact with the film. A socially active and tone-specific voice with fans helped further the creative assets through each social network. 

The Results
Over 700M+ social media impressions were achieved throughout all Blumhouse’s campaigns. This resulted in increased awareness, ticket pre-sales, and brand recognition for each title.

Utilizing the film’s terrifying imagery and religious themes, and to work off key moments in the thriller, four creative silos were conceived: Theatrical, Thematic, Faith vs. Science, and Disturbing Articles. Over the course of a 14-week campaign, from the trailer release to opening day, I oversaw the design and delivery of 300+ unique assets, engaging conversations, and social appearance to promote the film — garnering over 200M impressions with 18M unique users.

‘The Belko Experiment’ generated social media interest by effective marketing campaigns that contained over 1,000 creative assets over 22 weeks. As the “HR Representative” of Belko, the tone with engagement was entertaining and effective. Utilizing specific imagery, story-lines for social, and interactivity with users, the campaign acquired 270M+ impressions, and over 150k user engagements.

With a strong story and heart, the 14-week social campaign for ‘Sleight’ resulted in 250M+ impressions with the use of 450+ creative assets. Imagery from the film and assets were created using quotes, reviews, animations, and social skins. In addition, community engagement helped further the story and drive opening day sales for the film.