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Creating original content for network, syndication, and cable programming, Banijay Studios North America is a powerhouse in global media.

In the summer of 2017, The Blast was launched as BSNA’s first foray into the celebrity news landscape. Since then, it has become a credible contender in the celebrity news world. Cited by over 600+ media outlets/publications, and credited for its scoops by the “who who’s” in media.

Creative Director
Banijay Studios, NA
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About The Blast

Constantly up-to-date in the cycle of breaking news, as their Creative Director I ensured the design of the brand extensions (website, social, motion, and beyond) followed the same evolutionary process. By incessantly looking for new ways to deliver a refined brand, I had the pleasure of working with a dedicated team of journalists, editors, and creative entertainment minds.

As Creative Director, I was fortunate to oversee the operations encompassing the brand — from inception, through launch. In addition, everyday operations from an editorial and design perspective created a unique experience.

While maintaining best practices for user engagement, I spearheaded editorial best practices for user engagement ranging from visual (imagery, video/motion graphics) to technical (SEO, development, site optimization).


design-Sketching-sketch-Graphic design

Brand Inception

Crafted the look-and-feel of the brand, from inception to launch, and beyond

Fast-Paced Environment

Oversaw art and design production for the fast-paced newsroom environment— 5 days a week, at 6AM

Media Innovation

Forward-thinking video and motion production on very tight schedules

Editorial Management

Maintained day-to-day design requests for an editorial environment

Best Practices

Created best-practices for all teams to adhere for brand consistency

Ad Sales & Management

Spearheaded ad sales department in pitching, designing, and executing campaigns

Editorial & More

Involved heavily with daily editorial teams fostered a consistent and dynamic fast-paced environment that was consistently evolving. Managing relationships with media agencies, handling confidential information, and encouraging staff morale and productivity during hectic news cycles were also among the responsibilities.

UI / UX / Development

Working closely with our development team, I was able to create a UX experience to help achieve CPM goals along with balancing the editorial-side for a content-rich layout. Once implemented, the UI of the site was designed with pixel-point accuracy to ensure a cross-platform and device experience for consumers.

Brand Conception & Consistency

By creating the brand identity from the start, and being involved in expanding the creative arms to other outlets, The Blast maintained a consistent look-and-feel throughout each of its evolutionary stages.

Ad Sales & Marketing

Working closely with management and the advertising team, I spearheaded designs for pitches, presentations, and investors to help deliver The Blast’s message and boast potential opportunities for the appropriate audience. With these presentations, The Blast landed multiple $100k campaigns with customized marketing solutions for show premieres, products, and services.

Motion Graphics & Video

Extending beyond traditional design, motion graphics played a huge part in solidifying The Blast’s overall look-and-feel for the brand. By creating unique and eye-catching motion for breaking news videos along with more evergreen material, the visual elements of the site came to life for an audience of 6M+.

Social Media

As with any entertainment media focused brand, a strong social network presence was crafted and maintained. From daily YouTube video creation, to breaking Instagram stories.  Each of these key social media pieces were vital to keep the brand current and the forefront of users, help maximize additional revenue through advertising partners, and grow a social footprint of 250k within its first year.